R3 Carrier type vessel

r3 Carrier Celtic view on deck.
The mv Celtic in the port of Urk.
Loading a shore crane by using the RoRo ramp.
  • Lenght: 108 meters
  • Width: 14 meters
  • Gross tonnes: 2.690
  • Hold: 74 x 12.5 x 8.2 meters
  • Hatch: 95 x 15,5 mtrs
  • Special: Open-top notation
  •   Roll-on Roll-off

Vessel type Info:

The R3 Carrier is a roro ship of 4650 dwt, which is unique within the transportation of heavy and voluminous cargo. The R3 Carrier is based on the successful R2 Carrier, and shares her key features; unique square meterage , Open Top Notation, IMO class (Dangerous Goods) and innovative cost reducing features. In addition, the R3 Carrier is fitted with roro capabilities. It can load the cargo by the Roll-on Roll-off principle.

The Roll-on Roll-off principle for loading the vessel is more safe, more cost effective and less time consuming than the conventional lifting method. The R3 Carrier can take rolling loads up to 80 tons per axle! The tweendecks can carry up to 5 mt per m2 with a totall of 350 mt per tweendeck. So it is right to say the R3 Carrier can handle heavy cargo.

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